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New York Public Library - The Boston Tapes

NYPL_Boston.jpgIn 1972 Tez, Top, Pete and Dave went to Boston to record an album which alas was never released. However, the reel-to-reel tapes,some original and the rest favourite tracks, were recently found, remixed and are now saved to CD.
The sleeve cover could hardly be more seventies: clockwise - Dave, Tez, Top, Pete.

Mickey changed the Cherokees' name to New York Public Library and they had a successful single with “Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore", (thanks Sean for the copy). Click to hear it played by Johnny Walker on his 2009 Pirate Radio Show. These days the band go under the name of NYPL and with John Woollard's death there are now no remaining founder members but the band has carried on gigging so please click the link to visit the NYPL website. and take a look at Peter Morrison's personal website for some excellent detail.


Present NYPL line-up: Sam Clark, Peter Morrison, Topper Clay, Karl Rylander, Bob Doughty, Lofty Reng

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