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Jim Green

Jim Green

Reunion After 42 Years!

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Early in 2006, we received an email from the original drummer of the Cherokees, Jim Green. James found us via the Star Club website and it was really good to hear from him after all this time. Jim settled in Germany in the early seventies and has been there ever since. He is married to Moni and has retired although his hobby of photography now takes up quite a bit of his time.

Naturally we were anxious to meet up and as James was coming to England for his sister's Golden Wedding anniversary on 1 April 2006, we travelled north to Leeds and met up at the home of Kathryn our daughter. Our meeting with James was great and it was just as though we had last met up only a few days before rather than over forty years ago and the time from 6pm until midnight sped by in a flash. It was an emotional parting and we hoped to meet up soon after but regretably we have lost touch again. James, if you are reading this, please get in touch.

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