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Tez who enjoys a wide musical taste, has been a musician from an early age and a founder member of a 1960s band the Cherokees. He then went into hard disk recording and sound engineering: he was assistant sound engineer on “Beyond the Ledge”, one of Fairport Convention's Cropredy videos. He has also composed incidental music for a number of documentary videos, most of which have been shown on Sky's Discovery channel. The most popular by far has been the music he did for a Sukhoi plane documentary for which he has received a great deal of very positive feedback.

During the sixties he spent a fair bit of his of time working in Germany at the
Star Club, Top Ten Club and appearing on German television as well as Ready Steady Go and the lesser known Beat Room on British TV) and he met and worked with many of the now legendary names, playing with such bands as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Spencer Davies, Led Zeppelin and a whole lot more. They did regular gigs at Dunstable's famous California Ballroom. In 1964 the Cherokees had a minor hit single with Seven Golden Daffodils (click to hear it) produced by Mickey Most and appeared in an early Michael Winner film, You Must be Joking”. Later Mickey changed their name to New York Public Library and they had a successful single with “Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore", (thanks Sean for the copy). With John Woollard's death there are now no remaining founder members but the band intends to carry on gigging. so please click the link to visit the NYPL website and take a look at Peter Morrison's personal website for some excellent detail. Dave Bower emigrated to Canada in 1992 and now runs his own studio set in the beautiful coastal area of Vancouver Island. You can e-mail Tez.

Thanks to our friend Hazel McLean for this little gem. Taken at the Floral Hall, Morecambe in 1964: Jim Green (drums), Tez (lead guitar), John Woollard (vocals), Dave Bower (rhythm guitar), Hazel, Mike Sweeney (bass).


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Jim Green

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